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Day 1-Nature Journaling

I'm about to embark to see how many days in a row I can nature journal. School is out. This is my first summer as a teacher. Although I have one more paper to do in the next month to finish my Master's(yippee!), I have enough time to work on my own personal art. This past year was crazy being a first-year teacher, COVID19, and working towards my Master's. I had to stop doing my art because it got to be too much with everything I was juggling. Even though my art is such a stress relief I simply did not have time enough in the day to do everything that I needed to do.

I am visiting my parents in Western New York and I am finding a lot of inspiration in my mother's backyard. She has a very nice garden that backs up to wooded fields. I am finding no shortage of items to add to my nature journal.

This was the first thing to catch my eye when I arrived. My mom's arch that is filled with purple clematis and honeysuckle. My mom told me that the clematis is ending its season so I wanted to capture it while it was still here. I am making an effort to fill out my journal pages with more drawings and observations. I have been seeing a lot of nature journals on Facebook and it really makes me want to step up my game.

So here is the Day 1 entry:

Thank you for reading!

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