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Draw every day.

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

I finished today the charcoal drawing above. I was asked if I could provide some artwork for an upcoming auction(this weekend!) for my school. I decided that I didn't have the time to have my students create a work of art. It seemed easier to me to draw something myself.

Why the lion? It is our school mascot. Since I usually don't draw this kind of wildlife I had very little to go with as far as a reference photo. I recently joined a site called "Paint My Photo" where photographers share their photographs with artists to use copyright free. In turn, the artist posts back what they created on the photographer's account. I am feeling my way around the site, but I already like the community feel to it. It is awfully hard to obtain reference photos for exotic animals and locations. This seems like a dream website for an artist looking for reference photos.

I felt inspired to share the drawing and the feeling of confidence that I had when I sat down to do this project. I have never drawn a lion before, but I am pretty experienced using charcoal. I decided to go with charcoal then. My students often ask me how did I get good in drawing. I first laugh and tell them it is because I'm an old person. LOL. But, then I tell them that they need to practice and draw every day.

That sounds so simple. Draw every day. It is not though. Work gets in the way. Often times, one is tired during the work week at night. Add on the stress and responsibilities of caring for others and a home and it can be easy to say "I don't have time to draw".

I know what my weaknesses are when it comes to putting off doing my art. It is usually one of two things: social media and Netflix. I made a decision a long time ago that watching whatever is popular on television is low priority if I want to make good art. So popular shows like "Games of Thrones" and "This is Us" I have never seen an episode.

I do watch Netflix don't get me wrong! It is usually after I have tapped out creatively for the day and I'm trying to decompress. It is a struggle though. I have a Panda Planner and every week it has a section called "Habits I'm Practicing" and every week I write "Less Social Media and Netflix". So....years later and I still have to give myself a reminder to focus on my art instead of other distractions.

Long story just to say that years ago I would not have had the confidence to say "tonight I am going to draw something I have never drawn before and finish it!". It just wasn't in my DNA and I frankly did not have the confidence to think that way. It has come from having a consistent artist routine and continuing even when what I am doing isn't feeling successful.

Well, if you have read this far, thanks for reading. My advice is no matter what your passion is to recognize that this is the performance, not the dress rehearsal so there are no "do-overs". Focus on what you are passionate about and live a life without regrets.

Thanks for reading!

P.S.-The above drawing is not available, but I have the image available to purchase on prints, gallery wrap canvases, t-shirts etc. here.

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