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FeBIRDuary Day 21

I love Baltimore Orioles. I drew one for the first time last year and sold it at the Lynchburg Arts Festival. The buyer sent me a photo of it hanging in its new home in Baltimore.

I have been putting jelly and raisins out to see if I could attract some orioles to my yard. I know it is kind of a stretch, but I figured it was worth a try.

I went to the birdseed store on Saturday and asked if they have heard anything about people seeing orioles in their yards. An employee said her next door neighbor saw one that week and took a photo so it was verified. However, she told me it is rare for us to see them in Central Virginia as we are on the very edge of their migratory route. It may take me years to see one in Virginia! Bummer!

On another note-Over the years I have made it clear that I'm not a "birder". A birder to me screams khaki vest, binoculars, floppy hat and someone that calls birds. I am here to admit I was wrong and judgmental. On the way home from the bird seed store, I came to the conclusion that anyone that spends their Saturday afternoon buying birdseed and talking about the migratory routes of orioles is pretty much a birder.

I'm a birder.

Thanks for looking!

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