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FeBIRDuary Days 22-28

So...I said that I would be better at posting. I failed! Too many things to do. I'm happy that I got the birds done. I can't believe I stuck to this challenge! 28 birds in 28 days! I am so happy with how some of them turned out. Here they are from days 21-28:

Day 22-Baby Mallard Duck

Day 23-Seagull

Day 24-Indigo Bunting

Day 25-Barn Swallow

Day 26-Osprey

Day 27-Red Bellied Woodpecker

Day 29-Peregrine Falcon

Some of these drawings will be available to purchase as originals. I also added them to my print store. Some of them I am going to incorporate them into paintings.

I loved this challenge. I learned a lot during it. I think I am going to make it a yearly event.

Thanks for following along!

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