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FeBIRDuary Days 6(Sold!) & 7

Updated: Feb 17

Here are the birds that I did for days 6 and 7 for my FeBIRDuary drawing challenge.

Day 6 had me drawing a pair of cardinals. I like the one this turned out even though it looks like the male cardinal is giving me the whale eye!

I posted this to Facebook and one of my Facebook followers bought it! I was going to eventually put it on a painting but I like how someone love it how it is now.

Day 7 was another suggestion from a follower. I have never drawn a pileated woodpecker and I came across his reference photo. I thought it would be challenging to do this one and it was but I enjoyed the process.

I probably will sell this one as a drawing, but I will put it aside and think about it for awhile.

Thanks for looking. On to day 8!

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