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Morning Hike-James River Parks System

I have decided to hike a long hike each week. I am trying to get in shape plus the weather has been great lately. This week I did a hike that I had done previously but have never done during the week-hiking the loop around the James River Park. It also has wonderful views of the Richmond skyline.

Hundreds of people are on this footpath during nice weather on weekends. It can get really crowded. I hardly saw anyone on the trail. It was really nice to hike it for once when it wasn't crowded.

I noticed a lot more things growing this week than last when I was at Dutch Gap.

I ended hiking 9.3 miles and it took me over 3 hours. The weather was perfect. I took photos of some of the things I saw so I could add them to my nature journal later.

Thanks for reading. I'm planning on hiking again next week.

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