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Saint Oswald's Church-Hadrian's Wall Path

I was getting near the end of my 3rd day of walking the Hadrian's Wall path. I had about 2 miles until I got to my destination in Chollerford. I had already walked 17 miles that day and to say I was tired is an understatement. So....when I saw this little church up on the hill, I wasn't totally excited to walk more that day. However, my guide book mentioned the church and I used the line that I would say to myself on this trip-"You don't know if you will ever be back here".

The skies were cloudy and dramatic looking and the wind was blowing as it had all day. I saw the door open to the church and I didn't feel like I was the only person there although I knew I was. I walked inside and it was very simple looking. No one was around at all.

I walked around the graveyard and tried to decipher the writing on the tombstones. Many of them couldn't be read because they had been weathered with age. I thought about my dad who had passed away the previous September. He would have loved this place. He liked exploring old church graveyards.

I found a bench on the side of the church and although I should be hiking and making my way to Chollerford I wanted to sit and take in the scenery.

It was so beautiful and peaceful. It was everything I expected to see in the countryside of Northern England. I sat awhile with my thoughts and felt a peaceful feeling that I hadn't felt yet on this trip.

I'm so glad that I walked up that hill because I gained a memory of utter peace that I now can remember .

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