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Social Distancing 3/29/2020

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

I have been wanting to urban sketch since this quarantine began but I did not think I would be able to social distance myself in downtown Richmond anywhere. I didn't want to take any chances.

I decided to go to Pocahontas State Park to do a hike and possibly find a place that I could sketch something outdoors. I foolishly thought that because the park is so large that there would not be people around. I was wrong. I have never seen it that busy.

After I hiked for awhile, I came across less and less people which was nice. However, I could hear traffic and noises in the distance and it was not the experienced that I wished for.

I ended up hiking 6.68 miles and near the end I came to Beaver Lake and was able to find a place that was isolated and I could stay away from people. I don't know what this little mini-waterfall/dam is officially called but I decided to draw it and add color in with the Inktense pencils.

I still don't think I am using the Inktense pencils to their ability so I am going to search some YouTube videos to see other techniques.

Stay safe and social distance please!

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