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Social Distancing at Longwood Gardens

I had the opportunity to spend Thanksgiving week with my sister who lives a stone's throw away from Longwood Gardens. I honestly cannot remember the last time I was at Longwood Gardens, but I bet it was over 20 years ago before I had my kids. I spent over 4 hours there by myself walking around, sitting, people watching and sketching.

I looked at the map and as I usually do I find the most far out trail that I can hike. This one went way out on the outskirts of the Gardens up a hill with a beautiful view. I had brought my sketchbook along to find something to draw. I can imagine how beautiful this area looked when the leaves were at their peak.

By the time I got up the hill, I needed a break so I sat down outside and drew the Webb house which was located on the top of the hill. The weather was perfect. I forgot my eraser(AGAIN!) so I wasn't able to change much on the drawing.

I would like to go again maybe when COVID has calmed down and it is spring.

Thanks for stopping by!

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