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Social Distancing Continues

I wasn't planning to go out yesterday at all to sketch. I think the quarantine is making me feel a little down the last couple of days. I hear that it's pretty typical on how people are feeling.

I drove not knowing where I would end up. All that I knew was that I wanted to sketch some buildings in the city. I went down to the Fan and drove around. I saw a cute park with benches and picnic tables but it was locked so I couldn't go in there. I walked back to my car. Opened the car rear door and decided to sit in the back and draw the corner of Park and Plum Street.

I did something different than I normally don't do when I do these urban sketches. I stopped and added color as I went along drawing it. I thought it would be easier for me to to add the trees and the colors first and work my way around them to draw the house.

I really struggled with this. I didn't want to give up though. A lot of different perspective lines that I was having a hard time making sense of. This is the line that bugs me the most:

The perspective is totally wrong on that overhand and it affects the lines beneath it. This is more like it should be:

It seems like such a small difference but it isn't. The blue line matches the upper lines of the house. The lines below the blue line need to all be shifted also.

I thought about not sharing this sketch because it doesn't pass my quality control! I don't think it's right though to show everything perfect that I draw. My sketchbook serves a couple of purposes. One it shows places I've been. Secondly, it's for me to practice training my eye by drawing what I see. I don't think I need to be upset if everything in my sketchbook is not perfect! And I think my mistakes help others.

Also, I am feeling more comfortable with the Inktense pencils from doing this drawing. So all was not lost.

Don't know if I will be sketching today. Stay tuned and thanks for reading.

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