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Social Distancing Easter Edition

Well, this wasn't the Easter weekend that I had planned for. My original plans were to go off to the AT and do a solo hike. I had been planning for this until the whole coronavirus pandemic. I have plenty to do here, but feeling a little antsy as I am sure everyone is feeling.

I have been trying to walk each day. All the dogwoods are blooming now and it looks so beautiful. Took a couple of photos and came home to do a drawing in my urban sketching notebook.

I was trying to loosen up and not be so detailed oriented as I usually am when I sketch. I did not want to get bogged down in all the details. Just wanted to get some creative energy out.

I have had my Inkense Pencils for a while now. I have this set below along with a few other colors I bought at Plaza Art.

I wanted a light pink to color the dogwoods but I did not have colors that I could blend to make it work. So, I used "fuchsia" which really wasn't the color I wanted to use. I have been going back and forth for a few months now wondering if I should just switch to pan watercolors. One of the goals for the week is to watch some YouTube videos by artists using Inktense pencils. I am hoping to learn a thing or two.

Stay safe everyone!

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