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Social Distancing Maymont Park Edition

I should have posted this last week and I shouldn't make excuses on why I didn't! The only excuse that I have is that I have been juggling a bunch of stuff-work, school, art and being a mom. I had last weekend free and it was absolutely gorgeous so I decided to go to Maymont Park.

There were a lot of people there. It actually wasn't the place to go if you wanted to social distance. Everyone had the same idea I did and was there. I found a spot next to the pergola in the Japanese garden. I would like to say it was quiet and peaceful, but it was not! However, it was good people watching. I was sitting there at the end of the day when children were hungry and wanted to go home so it got more quiet as time went by.

I stayed there for a while and ended up drawing the pond with the goose. The geese kept on swimming in front of me so I thought it was only right to include one in my drawing.

I was happy how it turned out and I was more happy that I went out and visited Maymont and drew.

Thanks for looking!

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