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Social Distancing Weekend Edition

All of the social distancing is giving me the opportunity to do things on my list that I normally do not have the time do when I'm not social distancing. One of things on my list is to work and understand these InkTense pencils some more.

One thing that I learned in my research is that even though they perform like watercolor pencils they continue pigment in the core. This gives it characteristics of ink. Big difference between watercolor and ink is that using watercolor one can lift color off of areas. With the Inktense pencils, once your ink is dry it's how it's going to be. No lifting of color.

Not sure how I feel about that yet. Trying to figure out if I lift color off my page much when I urban sketch. I don't think I do.

I wanted to do a color chart with the Inktense pencils to see what the colors really look like. I haven't had the opportunity to use all of the pencils.

I am thinking of reducing the size of these color charts, laminate them and put a ring on them that I can hang off my art bag.

Do you use Inktense pencils? Any tips or pointers for me?

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