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Social Distancing while Hiking & Inktense

This weekend was a little crazy because I had to finish a big assignment for school. I really wanted to get a hike in so I promised myself that I would take one when I got done no matter what time it was.

I got done around 2:30pm so I headed off to Pocahontas State Park which is slowly becoming one of my stomping grounds for hiking during COVID19. I went to the other side of the park where I have never been before. I was thinking that I was going to go about 4 miles. I bought my art supplies in my backpack in case I found a nice spot to draw.

I really didn't think I would find anywhere to paint. It was pretty much filled with trees and not very good lighting for the day. I finally came across this while I was hiking on Otter Lake Loop.

I sat there for a while to sketch and play around with the Inktense Pencils. Here is what I came up with. I used the Inktense Outliner instead of a ink pen to sketch out the scene. I don't think I like how that turned out so I think I'll go back to the ink pen to sketch it out.

I did this very loosely which I which is a challenge for me!. LOL. After I got done, I continued on my walk which ended up being 6.7 miles instead of the 4 miles that I was planning on doing. I'm blaming it on the map which had trails that you had to estimate the distance. Oh, well.

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