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Sorry! FeBIRDuary Days 8-14

Updated: Feb 17

I'm sorry. I said that I was going to post my daily drawings for the FeBIRDuary Challenge. I just forgot. I've been trying to juggle a few things at the same time lately and I guess this one just hit the back burner.

Here are the birds that I have done for each day.

Day 8:

Mourning Dove

Day 9:


Day 10:


Day 11:

Red Winged Blackbird

Day 12:


Day 13:


Day 14:


Pheww....that was a lot of work! I'm make sure that I upload every day from now until the end of the month. I am also done with the original list suggested by my Facebook followers. I have had a few additions so I'll do those.

Look forward to these images in the future. Some will become paintings and some I am going to sell as drawings. I am also going to make some available as prints on my website.

Thanks for looking!

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