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Valentine's Edition Newsletter

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Happy Valentine's Day!

I hope that you have been able to spend the day with those you love. This includes our pets as well. One of the most rewarding assignments that I do as an artist is painting a beloved family pet that has passed. I have experienced pet grief and I am always surprised how it catches me off guard at moments. I might be looking at a video of my kids when they were babies and I'll see my dog Princess in the background wagging her tail. It always feels like a heavy weight on my heart knowing that I will not see her again on this Earth.

When I do a pet portrait, my goal is not to merely make a pretty piece of artwork but rather help the grieving person heal a little bit by having their pet's portrait done. Paintings are different than photographs as they have a timeless quality to them. The best compliment I can receive is that I "captured" the dog and cat. I pay a lot of attention to the eyes when I do the painting.

I finished this painting of Wilma a cat that recently crossed the rainbow bridge. I loved the pose immediately. She looks like she wants something from you with her look!

"Wilma", acrylic on wood, 6"x6".

Newsletter Postcard Gift

I have a lot of people on my mailing list that were on it before I got my art postcards done. I would love to send one to you for being a part of my mailing list. Please reply back with your mailing address and I can send you a reproduction postcard of my painting "Passing Through". It's my way of saying "thank you" for supporting and encouraging me with my art through the years.


I hope you enjoy the Valentine's Day Zentangle card video I made above. I am trying to get better at the whole editing process. One of my New Year's resolutions I am working on!

New Work

I have been happily working on some bird paintings the last couple of weeks. I am happy how they turned out and the vintage music that I found to accompany the birds. Both are available on my website to purchase. Click photo of bird to get to my website to purchase!

Happy Heart, Mixed Media on gallery wrap canvas, 8"x8", $85.00.

Nuthatch Night, mixed media on gallery wrap canvas, 6"x 6", $65.00.

Thank you always for being a part of my journey! I look forward to hearing from you soon!

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