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Weekend Update-January 22, 2022


Listening To: Best Classical Music by Peaceful Classics on Spotify

Reading: The Lilac Girls by Martha Hall Kelly

Watching: Afterlife 3 (Netflix)

Obsessing About: How I never have enough food in my house to satisfy my teenage son.

Working On:

I have a lot of projects going on. I have 3 commissions that I currently working on and one that needs to be started.


1). Mixed media commission piece that the above drawing is a part of of. Here is the current state of the project. It is a memorial piece and I am excited to be doing it. I am teaching myself a bunch of new stuff which is always fun. There is going to be a lot of personalization on this one. Here is a photo of the canvas so far:

2). Dog commission of Murphy the puppy. Started this one with drawing out the puppy. The photo reference isn't the best so I am starting with putting some dark shadows in and seeing what happens. Not sure if this is going to be the color palette yet.

3). Top secret cat commission. So top secret that I am not posting a work in progress although the work in progress is a blank canvas right now.

I have been teaching myself Adobe Illustrator which is so. much. work. I know that I will be happy once I learn it, but it is a lot of me googling how to do things. I did create this heart template on it which I zentangled and made into a coloring sheet.

Also, I did my first process video. I received my new Canvas art lamp and could not wait to get started. I have a lot to learn about editing a video in iMovie. Here is a link to the video clip on YouTube. It looks like I have 5 views already. I think that they are all me.

So as you can tell I have been busy. Also been battling pinkeye all week which has been fun(not!)

Thanks for reading my blog! I am hoping to be able to post each week what I'm working on.

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